Something Scary is a web series I created in December of 2016 for Snarled. I tell a diverse set of ghost stories, urban legends, and folklore and add a bit of animation to them (on top of editing, writing, and composing each episode!).  Since its inception, it's gained over 500 million views (and counting!) and the channel has 1.9+ million subscribers!
In September of 2018, I launched the Something Scary Podcast, which became #1 in Literature on iTunes in its first month, reached 1 million downloads in its first 6 months, and was nominated for a Digital Hollywood Podcast Award!
I left the show in October of 2019 to pursue an independent career, starting with Stories With Sapphire, which one the Golden Crane Award for Best Editing.
Check it out below...if you dare
Beware of the Bulgarian Samodiva trended at #2 on YouTube in October of 2018!
Hachishakusama is one of my highest viewed videos, at 6 million (and counting!)
All of the episodes I hosted:
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