Welcome to my website! I am a creator, host, animator, and writer in LA who dabbles in all things creative (and spoOoOoky).
I'm the creator of Something Scary on the YouTube channel Snarled (and there's a podcast too!). I left the show in October 2019 to become an independent artist, starting with a podcast called Stories With Sapphire, available now wherever you listen to podcasts. 
I also teach a college class about diversity in animation and entertainment. You can check out my students' blog here.
I'm a recurring Paranormal Expert on the Travel Channel series "Paranormal Caught On Camera," now filming its third season. I'll also be an expert in the upcoming Paranormal Nightshift, premiering this fall!
When I'm not working, I'm probably messing around with my 2 awful dogs, working on my tarot reading skills, or watching "The Office" again.
I'm always down for fun collaborations of any kind so feel free to hit me up!
get in touch!
Currently seeking representation!
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