Lol. Photos by Andrew Kemmis @andrewkemmisphoto
Oh, hi there!
My name's Sapphire  (yes, that's my real name!) and I'm not great at writing bios so, uh...strap in!
Currently I am the Executive Producer of "Something Scary" on, a weekly show where I tell ghost stories and add animation to them. The show is currently on hiatus while we work on bringing Something Scary to different platforms!
Also on Snarled is my new show School Spirit, a (sort of) animated series about 2 friends at a college where the ghosts are harassing students.
I am also a part-time professor at Loyola Marymount University, where I teach a class that discusses cultural and social issues through the lens of animation and entertainment. Check out my students' blog here!
Before landing these tight dream jobs, I was a freelance animator and character designer for TV shows and commercials.. 
I also have 2 really cute dogs, here's a bunch of photos you didn't ask for:
To see more, head over to my Instagram @awkwardsapphire
I also had the honor of being interviewed on Animation Ninja!
Did I mention that I DJ??? If you need a DJ & MC for your event, hit me up!

I also stream on Twitch!​​​​​​​
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