Welcome to my website! I am a proud queer Filipino-American (Cebuano/Ilonggo) creator, host, animator, podcaster, and paranormal researcher/historian in LA.
After several years of working on various TV series and commercials as an animator and character designer, I have embraced my calling as a spoOOooOoky creator and storyteller! I'm passionate about adding more empathy and representation for marginalized groups in the paranormal and horror communities, because there is so much more to the spirit realm than the white figures (both living and dead) that we see in entertainment. 
In 2016, I created "Something Scary" on the YouTube channel Snarled (and there's an award nominated podcast too!). I left the show in October 2019 to become an independent artist, starting with an award winning podcast called "Stories With Sapphire", and YouTube channel, which is now a proud member of Elijah Wood's SpectreVision Radio.
I also created a college course about the importance of diversity and accurate representation in animation and entertainment. You can check out my students' blog here.
You might catch me on the Travel Channel talking about spirits on "Paranormal Caught On Camera", "Paranormal Nightshift", and investigating on "Ghost Town Terror" streaming now on Discovery+ and Max!
I'm currently writing a horror feature with Jeremy Nocon, as well as a horror musical - stay tuned!
When I'm not working, I'm probably messing around with my dogs Norman & Lola, practicing magick, singing at funerals, or rewatching a horrible 90's/00's horror movie.
Feel free to reach out if you're in need of an animator, funeral singer, voiceover artist, podcast guest: SapphiresPublicEmail@gmail.com

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