A freshman’s worldview is tested when she begins to experience supernatural danger at her University.
With the help of her paranoid roommate, she learns how to confront the evil she never acknowledged before.  
School Spirit is a dark animated mystery, that deals with very real social issues, in supernatural terms.
BUU has a reputation for being haunted. But despite complaints over the years of ghosts harassing students and teachers, nothing has ever been done because the Deans of the school have never seen them themselves. And so the ghosts continue to torment those on campus.
I’ve chosen to make the ghosts a metaphor for the hostile aspects of our culture that are invisible unless you’re made aware of them; the things we ignore unless they affect us personally. There was a time in my life where I did not understand feminism, and believed that “boys will be boys”. And now it is impossible for me to unsee all the sexism in our culture. In the wake of Harvey Weinstein and the countless other sexual misconduct allegations, it’s important to not discredit those who are asking for help, even if you yourself cannot see what they see.
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