Host & Writer

I have been hosting & writing for various internet shows since 2012, including an animation news show Toon Buzz on Channel Frederator. Most recently, I am the creator of a show on Snarled called Something Scary, where I tell spooky stories from folklore, urban legends, or firsthand accounts, and add animation.

Something Scary

Host | Writer | Animator | Editor

Something Scary is a weekly series that brings to life spooky tales from folklore and urban legends. New episodes every Tuesday!

Pop Art!

Host | Writer | Animator | Producer

Pop Art! brings you the latest news from the art and animation universe, and showcases amazing female talent.

 Cartoon Conspiracy

Host | Writer (Guest)

Cartoon Conspiracy debunks a different crazy fan theory every Thursday!

 Toon Buzz

Host | Writer

Toon Buzz is a show on Channel Frederator bringing you the top 3 animation headlines of the week. Tune in every Thursday when Sapphire brings you animation’s headlines, breaking news, movie reviews, previews, critiques, and more.

(series ended)



Host | Writer | Animator

Sapphire and Sarah have made it their mission to clearly show that animation is not only kids’ cartoons but a form of art to tell intriguing, charming and captivating stories in. Their Youtube show discusses a new film each episode, ranging from short films, to features, anidocs and many more. Not only do they review the film but also give the viewer insight into the process that goes into making an animated film – be it 2D, 3D, stop motion, claymation, rotoscope… and sharing their nerdy excitement about all things animation.

(series ended)