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for TV/film appearances: Fabian Varela -
My short film "How To Kill An Aswang" (which featured a poem from the Stories With Sapphire podcast) won Extraordinary Selection at the inaugural 13 Minutes of Horror Film Festival 2021! It will be streaming on SHUDDER from August 13 - September 13.
My podcast Stories With Sapphire was #2 on the Top 25 Paranormal Podcasts charts on Paranormality Radio!
NightMerica Podcast
January 2021
- I told a family story about an Engkanto on my fellow "Paranormal Caught on Camera" colleague Aaron Sager's podcast
10 True Scary Ghost Stories
January 2021
- I guest narrated 5 stories for the Mortis Media YouTube channel
Creepy Podcast: Happy Halloween From The Gas Station
October 2020
- I played the role of Yen in this scary story podcast
Let's Get Haunted
October 2020
- I had a fun time sharing some stories about Filipino folklore on this paranormal comedy podcast!
The Daily Zeitgeist
October 2020
- I was a guest on this daily comedy news podcast! I talked about receiving my batok, why adult animation is underrated, and why ghosts are real!
Real Chills Podcast
October 2020
- I shared some spooky stories and played a paranormal game on this fun podcast!
Paranormal Nightshift
September 2020 - present
- Recurring Paranormal Expert
Feel Feelings Podcast
September 2020
- I was a guest on this comedy podcast and talked about all the things that scare me! (which is...everything!)
Let's Not Meet Podcast
August 2020
- Guest Narrator
The Untold Hour
July 2020
- I was a guest on this paranormal podcast and spoke about Filipino folklore and my relationship to the paranormal!
Monster Features - Monster Radio Cebu BT105.9
July 2020
- I made my radio debut in the Philippines on Monster Radio!
Internet Storytelling - Southpaw Podcast
May 2020
- I was interviewed about my experience with spooky storytelling on the internet 
10 TRUE Disturbing & Terrifying Haunted House Horror Stories
May 2020
- Guest read 5 stories for Mortis Media
Somewhere In The Skies Podcast
April 2020
- I chat with host Ryan Sprague about Filipino folklore, the history of Ouija boards, and simulation theory.
Nite Drift Livestream - Euphomet
April 2020
- I chat with host Jim Perry about supernatural Filipino lore.
Tink Media Interview
March 2020
- I speak about the role my family history and culture plays in my work, and my goals for my show.
The Filipino American Woman Project Podcast
March 2020
- I chat with hosts Jen and Nani about my career journey and how vision boards have helped me manifest my goals.
Let's Not Meet Podcast
March 2020
- I narrated 2 creepy stories for this episode
Picture This!
February 2019
- Animator for Eman El-Husseini
Haus of Creep - Creep - Just Fix It Productions
September to November 2019
- In one of the rooms at this interactive experience, there were phones. If you put one to your ear, a snippet of my podcast would play.
Picture This!
September 2019
- Animator for Janelle James
Picture This!
May 2019
- Animator for Will Miles
Dark 5 Podcast: Top 5 Tarot Reading Mistakes - Snarled
March 2019
- I sit with host Rachel Evans and share my knowledge of tarot, and give her a reading
Let's Not Meet Podcast
March 2019
- Guest Narrator
Thought-Provokers Interview - Voyage LA Magazine
March 2019
Folklore Monster Challenge - The Drawfee Channel
January 2019
Dark 5 Podcast: Demonic Possession & Exorcism - Snarled
January 2019
- I sit with host Rachel Evans and discuss my personal experiences with demonic possession
Picture This!
December 2018
- Animator for MK Paulsen
Paranormal Caught on Camera - Travel Channel
Dec 2018 to Present
Paranormal Expert
Robot Runway - Goldieblox
"M&M's vs. Dots,"
"Creepy Doll vs. Creepy Clown"
October 2018
- Judge
Sketchtalk - LMU Loyolan
October 2018
Favorites - LMU Magazine
Fall 2015
Picture This!
March 2015
- Animator for John Ennis
Unmarked Graves - Salem Horror Fest
October 2020
How To Have A Supernatural Experience - All The Strange Virtual Expo
May 2020
Captured: Paranormal Edition - LA Comic Con
October 2019
Something Scary Presentation - Midsummer Scream
August 2019
Art & Online Panel - VidCon 
June 2018
Snarled Panel - VidCon
June 2017
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