for booking/animation inquiries:
for TV/film appearances: Fabian Varela -
I'll be investigating the Queen Mary on November 1st for The Dark Zone TV!
Check out Breaking The Tabo, a series for Filipino American History Month that I'm hosting, where we talk about important issues to the FilAm community. New episodes every Thursday this October!
Look for me on Paranormal Nightshift on Travel Channel, Fridays at 10pm EST!
Catch me on the Trvl Channel on Sundays 6pm PST on Paranormal Caught On Camera, season 3! 
Creepy Podcast: Happy Halloween From The Gas Station
October 2020
- I played the role of Yen in this scary story podcast
Let's Get Haunted
October 2020
- I had a fun time sharing some stories about Filipino folklore on this paranormal comedy podcast!
The Daily Zeitgeist
October 2020
- I was a guest on this daily comedy news podcast! I talked about receiving my batok, why adult animation is underrated, and why ghosts are real!
Real Chills Podcast
October 2020
- I shared some spooky stories and played a paranormal game on this fun podcast!
Paranormal Nightshift
September 2020 - present
- Recurring Paranormal Expert
Feel Feelings Podcast
September 2020
- I was a guest on this comedy podcast and talked about all the things that scare me! (which is...everything!)
Let's Not Meet Podcast
August 2020
- Guest Narrator
The Untold Hour
July 2020
- I was a guest on this paranormal podcast and spoke about Filipino folklore and my relationship to the paranormal!
Monster Features - Monster Radio Cebu BT105.9
July 2020
- I made my radio debut in the Philippines on Monster Radio!
Internet Storytelling - Southpaw Podcast
May 2020
- I was interviewed about my experience with spooky storytelling on the internet 
10 TRUE Disturbing & Terrifying Haunted House Horror Stories
May 2020
- Guest read 5 stories for Mortis Media
Somewhere In The Skies Podcast
April 2020
- I chat with host Ryan Sprague about Filipino folklore, the history of Ouija boards, and simulation theory.
Nite Drift Livestream - Euphomet
April 2020
- I chat with host Jim Perry about supernatural Filipino lore.
Tink Media Interview
March 2020
- I speak about the role my family history and culture plays in my work, and my goals for my show.
The Filipino American Woman Project Podcast
March 2020
- I chat with hosts Jen and Nani about my career journey and how vision boards have helped me manifest my goals.
Let's Not Meet Podcast
March 2020
- I narrated 2 creepy stories for this episode
Picture This!
February 2019
- Animator for Eman El-Husseini
Haus of Creep - Creep - Just Fix It Productions
September to November 2019
- In one of the rooms at this interactive experience, there were phones. If you put one to your ear, a snippet of my podcast would play.
Picture This!
September 2019
- Animator for Janelle James
Picture This!
May 2019
- Animator for Will Miles
Dark 5 Podcast: Top 5 Tarot Reading Mistakes - Snarled
March 2019
- I sit with host Rachel Evans and share my knowledge of tarot, and give her a reading
Let's Not Meet Podcast
March 2019
- Guest Narrator
Thought-Provokers Interview - Voyage LA Magazine
March 2019
Folklore Monster Challenge - The Drawfee Channel
January 2019
Dark 5 Podcast: Demonic Possession & Exorcism - Snarled
January 2019
- I sit with host Rachel Evans and discuss my personal experiences with demonic possession
Picture This!
December 2018
- Animator for MK Paulsen
Paranormal Caught on Camera - Travel Channel
Dec 2018 to Present
Paranormal Expert
Robot Runway - Goldieblox
"M&M's vs. Dots,"
"Creepy Doll vs. Creepy Clown"
October 2018
- Judge
Sketchtalk - LMU Loyolan
October 2018
Favorites - LMU Magazine
Fall 2015
Picture This!
March 2015
- Animator for John Ennis
Unmarked Graves - Salem Horror Fest
October 2020
How To Have A Supernatural Experience - All The Strange Virtual Expo
May 2020
Captured: Paranormal Edition - LA Comic Con
October 2019
Something Scary Presentation - Midsummer Scream
August 2019
Art & Online Panel - VidCon 
June 2018
Snarled Panel - VidCon
June 2017
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