you’re beautiful, now shut up.

Whatever dumb insignificant thing you hate about yourself, someone is jealous of.

Whatever dumb insignificant thing you hate about yourself, someone is jealous of.

wow…it’s been a really long time since i’ve made a post. i’ve just been crazy busy with all these new projects i’ve taken on. i realized a few days ago that i haven’t been drawing as much as i used to, and i used to draw every single day, so i’m trying to change that.

this sketch was inspired by this billboard i saw recently in west hollywood:

Dumb Billboard

it’s a billboard for a reconstructive surgeon dr. cat begovic, and her URL is i decided to check out the website and see how she describes her procedures. as someone who is adamantly against getting nipped and tucked, i’m always interested in seeing how surgeons put these procedures in the most positive light. here’s a quote straight from the rhinoplasty page:

Overall, rhinoplasty surgery significantly improves a person’s appearance.  I feel that this is one of the surgeries that really makes a significant impact.  My philosophy is that a person should still look like themselves, but an improved version of their self.  My patients are already beautiful – beautiful eyes, lips, they just have a nose that takes away from their face a little.  After their rhinoplasty – they are stunning.

she really emphasizes that her patients are already beautiful —– except for one thingbut see, in my opinion that’s where the danger is. the minute we start focusing on that one thing that we don’t like about ourselves, we’ve lost. how does anyone’s nose “take away from their face?” their nose is part of their face.  where are we getting this idea of how a nose should look like?

by comparing ourselves to other women.

i hate that i am flat chested. i hate that i don’t even fit the smallest bra size. i hate that i can’t fill out most dresses.  i hate wearing a swim suit because no swim suit top fits me. i hate that i don’t have an hour-glass figure. 

whenever i tell a friend of mine that i’m jealous of her boobs, the common answer is “i HATE my boobs.” so who is to say which is better when everyone wants something different(and it’s usually something that they don’t have)

we all need to stop trying to “fix” ourselves, when the only thing that needs fixing is our attitudes toward ourselves. sure, i’d feel more confident if i had a more womanly shape – but i sure as hell can rock a short hair cut. there’s a lot of things i love about myself, and i’m going to spend my energy being grateful for those.

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