my obsession with short hair.


in 2nd grade, one of my classmates said to me, “girls with long hair are prettier!” as she metaphorically whipped me in the face with her butt-length ponytail. apparently girls with long hair are also very rude.

i’ve had short hair practically my entire life; it is the one thing that i will gladly experiment with. now i’ve definitely had some horrendous phases that i’m not proud of, but the beauty of hair is that it will, for a fact, grow back, and i can start all over again. it fascinates me how most girls are attached to their hair like it’s a limb, as if it’s the one thing that makes them a woman.

i’m a disney fan, so i thought it would be fun to see what some of the princesses would look like if they rocked short hair. little girls look to these characters as ideals of beauty, and i want to show them that short hair can be just as feminine.

(case in point: emma watson.)

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