sketchy characters: wanda the waldo master

i was recently in venice beach with some friends, and they were giving me crap for the tattoo that i’m considering (i’ll post a sketch soon, still designing it). but we were all assured that my tat would not be the worst in tattoo history because in walked this woman:
the model for all horrible tattoos one person could possibly have. you can’t see it in the photo, but on her right shoulder was a yellow smiley face smoking a blunt. and on her back was waldo – yeah, that waldo. of “where’s waldo” fame. this is very real.
(i obviously gave up on drawing that hand)

when wanda was a child, she was the self-proclaimed master of “where’s waldo.” she bragged about how she could find that little white man faster than anyone else. she was so obsessed with the game, that she even pointed at people wearing stripes and yelled “i found you!” wanda didn’t have a lot of friends.

she also had extremely thick skin and was the heaviest sleeper. and one night, some of the kids in her class decided to teach her a lesson. while she was in her bear-like sleep, they tattooed waldo onto her back. after that, whenever wanda wouldn’t shut up about how there wasn’t a waldo she couldn’t find, everyone would laugh at her.

she still hasn’t found that waldo.

my sister challenged me to write a story that wasn’t tragic, and i believe i’ve met the challenge! but i guess it is still tragic, but in the hilarious way.

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