sketchy characters: john and man beast

i saw a ton of these stickers posted all around my apartment complex that said “i miss you dad. -man beast.” i later googled it and i think it’s the work of some street artist named man beast…but i like to believe this is the real story behind it:


john and his wife jamie were walking down the street one night, when he noticed a yellow sticker on the wall. on it, an unsteady hand had scrawled “we miss you dad. -man beast.” man beast is what he called his seven year-old son, because he was anything but that: a small, scrawny boy who will probably never grow facial hair. he hasn’t seen him in years.

a few years ago, john had married jamie, a young 20-something year-old girl he met when things started going stale between him and annie, his first wife. john was a man who lived inside his head: he acted impulsively, had skewed views of reality, and liked to tell extravagant stories because he believed the truth was too boring. his need for constant excitement was why he had left his family for jamie, whose youthful energy kept him alert and feeling alive.

those yellow stickers covered the entire street, probably for miles down. it made john think about man beast, and how he loved listening to his extravagant stories before bedtime, how his childish antics gave him constant excitement, how his unpredictability kept him alert, and how his youthful energy enabled him to handwrite and post these hundreds of stickers… john wondered if he’d put them up recently, or if they’d been there for a long time and he was only now seeing what he hadn’t noticed before.

yea, i think it’s safe to say it is impossible for me to write a happy story. haha

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