sketchy characters: victoria the visor girl

so to encourage/force myself to consistently draw, i’m starting a section of this blog that i like to cheesily call sketchy characters. living in los angeles, i see some pretty odd people and things every day, but there is always a story behind the strangeness, we just never get an opportunity to hear it.
when i see an interesting person, my mind immediately starts writing their biography: where are they from? what are they thinking? why do they have a third arm? so i thought it would be fun for me to draw strangers that i find intriguing, and create a backstory for them. i’ll accompany the posts with a photo so you can see where i drew my inspiration from.
(i scratched this one out on a notepad on my lunchbreak. she walked away too fast before i could sneakily take a photo of her. i thought she was interesting because she was wearing this victorian-looking black dress with huge puffy sleeves, and then this hideous visor that covered her entire face.)

this is victoria. despite having everyone around her tell her she’s gorgeous, she can’t stand her face – especially her eyes. she has what they call a monolid, that most asians have. she is so ashamed of her ethnic eyes that she wears a giant visor that covers her entire face. her family constantly begs her to stop being so ridiculous, but she never takes it off.

she had heard of the “double lid eye surgery” that some of her friends had done, but she couldn’t afford that. after a night of heavy drinking, she thought it would be a good idea to perform the surgery herself. so she took a knife and sliced her own lids, but cut too deeply and ended up gouging her eyes out, leaving nothing but two empty sockets. victoria’s family doesn’t ask her to take the visor off anymore.

that turned out to be darker than i intended…i promise future ones will be more lighthearted! haha..ha…


4 thoughts on “sketchy characters: victoria the visor girl

  1. Sapphire! says:

    ian!!!! yay thank you!!!! and that was actually kind of fun trying to figure out who you were, it was like i was a detective… haha anyways, glad i have inspired you to resurrect an old blog. …you really really love tea. hahaha

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