a new project!

i’ve just started to work on a new project for a multimedia dance show called “illuminated manuscript,” which is a hip-hop interpretation of the epic of gilgameshthe part i’m creating is a short animated segment that will illustrate what is essentially the story of noah and the flood. sooo i thought it would be cool to interpret that as animated graffiti, sort of a modern cave painting. 

here’s some really rough concept art i made to try and figure out how it’ll look. i love banksy so i thought i’d pay homage to (see also: steal) his signature stencil style. 

i haven’t really animated anything in awhile, let alone something like this, so i’m super excited! and so begins the end of my social life for the next month! i’m kidding. i had none to begin with.

come see the show! sept 28-30 at the los angeles theater center! please.


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